18 Weapons (Ship Pal Gye)

Weapons training is simply a higher form of mental/physical training and provides a vital range of depth to your martial arts training. One can develop 3 to 5 times more with weapons training.

At Body Mind Systems® we begin with the Long (Bo) staff. This is the beginning level of understanding to all of the other staffed weapons. Students are then trained in broadsword techniques as preparation for bladed weapons. A total of 18 weapons can be learned here at Body Mind Systems®. The weapons a student will learn are based on compatibility with their specific body type.

In ancient times, there were at least 18 known weapons that a martial artist could utilize. These weapons consisted of 8 poled weapons 8 bladed weapons and 2 flexible weapons. If one martial artist were to challenge another, he/she would decide which weapon was to be used in the duel. Therefore, it was to one's benefit to know how to utilize any of the 18 weapons.