Outside Programs

On-site School Programs
Body Mind Studios offers On-Site School Programs designed to teach children the benefits of physical movement, the importance of self-discipline and confidence, and respect for tradition in a familiar, supportive environment. 
Instructors use modern teaching and coaching techniques to teach students foundational martial art movements.  Through this training, students grow to understand and respect tradition, while building coordination, balance, agility and strength.
Physical training is a venue for the vast mental development for which the martial arts are so well known, thus every lesson has both physical and mental components.  In this way, students also begin to learn the other major benefits of martial art training: confidence, self-discipline, determination, manners, strength of character and respect – both for oneself and others.  These are the most valuable assets one can give a child.
So please take a moment to consider a Body Mind Studios program and the advantages that they can provide your students.
If you are interested in establishing a martial art program at your school, or if you have any questions, please contact Michele Randazzo at 551-579-4465 or michele@bodymindstudios.com.
Program Offerings
The Body Mind Studios school programs are designed to acclimate the student to the martial arts.  In a familiar, safe and controlled environment, students begin to uncover the underlying principles of traditional martial art training through the practice of a variety of styles, including kung su do (tae kwon do), kung fu (wushu), and udo (jiu jitsu).  In addition to foundational movements of each style, students also begin to learn discipline, focus, commitment and perseverance.
After School Programs - $10 per class per child
45 minute lessons
3-art curriculum
Escort to after care, as needed
Extracurricular Programs - $10-15 per class per child
45-60 minute lessons
3-art curriculum
Testing credit*
Supervised drop-off/pick-up, as needed
Specialty Programs – Pricing TBD
30-45 minute lessons
Curriculum focused on school preference (kung fu for Chinese cultural school, etc.)
This class for beginning to intermediate students will familiarize you with traditional martial arts.  Discover an innate component of Chinese culture while learning basic stances, hand attacks, kicks, techniques and forms from various styles. 
Classes begin with a warm-up, followed by a focus on a particular skill set or form and applicable self-defense techniques.  Students develop willpower, determination, strength, flexibility, coordination, discipline and confidence.
The rate for this Program is $60 per class with a maximum of 10 students.  There will be an additional cost of $6 per additional child.
Ask about our Bully Be-Aware and Stranger Danger Workshops!